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Navigating Agriculture Law with CD&M

agriculture law

Lawyers at CD&M know and understand agriculture. Our lawyers help those in agriculture draft and resolve contracts, resolve litigation matters, and face regulatory compliance issues.

Our agriculture client base is as diverse as agriculture itself – from farmers and ranchers to agricultural product processors, implement dealers, food companies, cotton gins, farm cooperatives, and industry trade organizations.

Our legal team has extensive experience helping clients with a wide variety of agricultural issues – including state and federal regulatory compliance, property rights, water law, ag business planning, crop insurance disputes, administrative hearings, and litigation.

We strive to provide strong, effective, and timely representation for our clients, constantly tracking agricultural law and policy changes that affect agriculture.

Agriculture has changed dramatically since 1908 when our firm began providing legal services.

Today’s agricultural operators are faced with legal issues that can be quite complex: federal farm program compliance, land use and regulations, property ownership and resource conservation, water use and climate-smart agriculture, commodity supply chains and agricultural finance agreements, and more. But, over one hundred years since our firm’s beginning, CD&M’s approach to helping those in agriculture is simple.

We are committed to providing high-quality legal services to the agricultural community.

We invite you to contact our office to discuss your agriculture law matter with one of our leading attorneys on algriculture law, Amber Miller. Call her at 806-590-1780, or send her an email today.