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Governmental and Municipal Law Representation

Our governmental and municipal law practice is dedicated to helping government entities resolve legal issues. The Lubbock, Texas, based law firm of Crenshaw, Dupree & Milam, L.L.P., has handled a variety of municipal law matters involving constitutional torts, civil rights issues and contract disputes.

We have handled cases involving condemnation and eminent domain issues, discrimination and employment law matters, open records law, regulatory compliance, misconduct issues, and many others. The broad collective experience of our attorneys, coupled with our complete understanding of government policy and process, puts us in a strong position to effectively handle any municipal law matter.

Section 1983 Violations Defense

A large part of our practice is devoted to defending police and other law enforcement officials against various misconduct suits. We know that government agencies, and law enforcement agencies in particular, tend to be easy targets for frivolous lawsuits. We have represented many municipalities against a broad range of accusations, including civil rights violations, false arrest, excessive force and police brutality.

Our lawyers will examine your case from every angle. We will work with the personnel involved in the incident to understand the details of the incident. We will speak to the alleged victims and look for inconsistencies in their stories. We work diligently to create the strongest possible case in your defense and to reach the most favorable outcome we can.

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