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One of the questions that comes across my desk from time to time from farm and ranch clients is whether the farm and ranch operation needs to be placed in a formal legal entity, such as a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership. Because of the unique nature of farm and ranch businesses, the answer is not the same for every operation. My friend and colleague James Decker, of the SGDA Law Firm in Stamford, Texas, and I put together this fact sheet outlining the advantages and disadvantages of “incorporating” a farm or ranch operation. This fact sheet was also utilized as part of Mr. Decker’s presentation at the 2017 Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers’ Annual Convention, and its School for Successful Ranching – thanks to TSCRA for including this topic in their materials this year.

Should Your Ranch Be Incorporated Or Not?

TSCRA Annual Convention – School for Successful Ranching

March 31, 2017

Note: for our purposes, the term “incorporated” includes creation of any formal legal entity such as a corporation (S or C), limited liability company, or limited liability partnership. General partnerships are not incorporated.



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